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At Purple Caper Seeds the Father’s Genetics Contribute Vigor, Potency, and Larger Yields.

Allow me to introduce you to my Friend Purple Caper. He is an award-winning Cannabis Breeder in the bay area with 30 years of experience under his belt. Buying seeds is an expensive endeavor and it pays off to find a trusted source. I have grown plenty of his gear and I can highly recommend him. But let’s hear it from the man himself:

Grandaddy “X” Male Photo by @kandidkush

Male cannabis plants make pollen sacks to fertilize the female flowers, and for breeders, selecting the parental lineage of strains is a crucial decision. Purple Caper Seeds meticulously breeds its father plants because they carry and pass on crucial genetic traits, which have strong influence on the offspring of a strain. Every Purple Caper father goes through extensive screening to ensure that each seed produced from their pollen becomes a great plant that is as good or better than its mother. Purple Caper chooses father plants that pass on traits that can increase yield, potency, and vigor and provide plants with disease and pest resistance.

Purple Caper #7 is a perfect plant. Both growing and consuming her will make you happy!

In plant breeding, the genetics of a plant are identified by the number of times the plant has been selectively bred. F1 plants are made by cross pollinating two different parent plants. In genetics, the term is an abbreviation for Filial 1 meaning “first children.” When the process continues you get subsequent generations of crosses like F2s and F3s. Breeders also do things like crossing the plant back with itself, S1s, using techniques to reverse the sex of female plants and then getting them to produce pollen and pollenate themselves. In addition, they backcross plants, which is the process of taking the F1 hybrid strain and breeding it back with the original father parent plant. Plants that have been back crossed are identified as BX.  

Purple Caper #6

Plants that are F1, F2, and S1 can create genetic issues, or pass on recessive and undesired traits, such as low yield, low disease and pest resistance. They also have a  higher chance of hermaphroditic expression. At Purple Caper, all the fathers they use are BXF3 before seeds are released in order to avoid any of these potential pitfalls.

“With our proprietary backcross process our breeding fathers and mothers are essentially as stable and pure as an inbred line, IBL, or landrace cannabis strains,” Purple Caper’s breeder says.

Purple Caper’s signature dominant traits include an anti-depressant effect, purple color, large yields and high potency and terpene content. Also, the most disease and pest resistant phenotypes are chosen each round.

Purple Caper #5

 “Our father plants are very pure and many of the offspring will exhibit these desired characteristics, as well as the best characteristics from the mother plant,” Purple Caper’s breeder says. “The purity of our fathers ensures that each seed produced will have F1 hybrid vigor, with more robust overall health, disease and pest resistance, higher potency and large yields.”

Purple Caper Family Tree diagram:

This is a Family Tree of  the selection, and breeding description of our Final Ultimate male, The Purple Caper F5 BX breeding Male stud, and F6 Breeding Female.

With the Purple Caper, and Fire Lady Studs, we currently produce amazing desirable offspring with 85% of any female plant that we have used. These are true breeders, and pass on dominant desirable traits to all offspring.

Purple Caper #6 and Firelady #2 are both registered with Phylos as two of the purest strains in their database.  **

In Total 7 genotypes of Purple Caper have been grown, with 50 Phenotypes evaluated each round.  350 total phenotypes grown, with 6 males and 8 Females in total selected for the Breeding Program.

Purple Caper was originally created in 2008 with a Local clone bought at a dispensary in Oakland called Grand Diesel. The White Indica was the best male of 10 regular seeds from Amsterdam

From the original F1 generation  50 Beans are planted, resulting in 5 keepers, 4 female, “each a distinct phenotype” and 1 Breeding Male.

Phenotype 1. Purple Caper 0 “Best effect, smell, and medicine for the mind”, ”Chosen anecdotally  for the profound  positive effect on people with Depression”.   Bright Green with hints of Fuchsia and Lavender

Phenotype 2. Fire Lady “Most Purple, Highest THC”   Completely Purple and Red

Phenotype 3. Rocket Science “Best Indoor Grower huge yielding”   Half Purple and half Green

Phenotype 4. Rocket Science XL “Best Outdoor Grower, Huge yielding, Commercial King, Proven on Mount Hamilton”   Mostly Green with Lavender hues and tips

The Purple Caper Male and Female Phenotypes are then crossed together, creating the F2 Genotype,  and 50 F2 seeds are planted.

An intermediate Male M2, and Female Purple Caper #5 phenotype is born, ”This phenotype is an amazing top shelf flower but does not breed well, so it is not chosen for breeding” 

The F2 male is then crossed to his mother the F1 Purple Caper #0 Clone, Creating the F3 batch of Seed.

50  F3 seeds are popped, and one of The best male comes out of this batch. This becomes the first working male with stellar results. He is crossed with all of the 5 keeper Purple Caper Phenotypes. The offspring from all of the females with the same father are then grown side by side. The best offspring come from the F1 Fire Lady, so this is the next batch used for breeding.

This creates the F4 generation, and again 50 seeds are planted creating the Intermediate Fire Lady Male and the FLPC Qua Dub Phenotype from the 2011-2014 Blogs.

Check out the feed at 420Magazine for some great testimonials

Purple Caper #5

The F4 Fire Lady Male is now crossed with the F1 Fire Lady Female creating the working Breeders, F5 BX Fire Lady Female, and Male both amazing breeders, and local legends.

The F4 Fire Lady Male is also crossed with the F1 Purple caper #0 Clone which creates Purple Caper #6, “a Backcross to an aunt and uncle of the same genotype” the working Female Breeder, and Sauce, Rosin, and vape pen Legend!!!

The F5 Fire Lady Male is now crossed with the F5 Purple Caper #6 Female

““Two Parallel F5 Lines of the Purple Caper Genotype”  “Both Parents F5 Firelady M1 and F5 Purple Caper #6 are bred  from the F4 Firelady Father, with two different F1 offspring.””  

Which Creates F6 Purple Caper #7. “Legendary Depression Medicine and True Breeding Plant”. This clone was chosen for Medicinal Effect, Great Growth and Vigor when grown Indoors,  in the field or in the greenhouse. Also, an Extra Large extract producer.  

Purple Caper #7 is a perfect plant. Both Growing and consuming her will make you happy!

This Clone will be released in California in 2022

Cannabis Breeding, Cannabis CultivationEd RosenthalOctober 6, 2022Purple Caper2 Comments

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